This is ABU, who marked the start of #arjdbb and also to tell our beliefs. Our heart is the will of everything, as long as happiness is a given when we reach our goals. You don’t have to change yourself into who you are not. Just be yourself, a bear at heart. Self-love is important in every aspect of life, that’s what ABU is trying to remind you about.

To bear or not to bear. That isn’t a question,
but a statement of life.

#arjdbb #proudwear

Original design with Love

We believe love is in the details, and details can touch your heart. That is the design that keeps us moving. 

From Small to Plus Sizes 

A part of our ‘ProudWear for All’ vision, our available size variants will cover S to 6XL plus sizes. It is what we adhere to.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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